Milestone for innovative CO2 capture plant
21 February 2023

Milestone for innovative CO2 capture plant

Twence in Hengelo is building a large-scale CO2 capture plant that will annually capture 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from flue gases. An innovative sustainability project that contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions in the region and making the chain more sustainable.

Giant transport

Construction of the new CO2 capture plant has been under way since spring 2023. But only recently, the project hit the news. That was when the giant components for the new plant, which originated in Estonia, were transported right through Hengelo. With an item length of up to 43 metres, this was a challenging job for Wagenborg Nedlift's transport team.


RTV Oost managed to capture this special transport operation on camera.

Grande dame

The ladders and platforms were subsequently mounted to the process columns and finally, last week, the giant components could be put in place.


For this lifting operation, the 'grande dame' from Wagenborg Nedlift's fleet was mobilised: the 700-tonne Liebherr mobile crane. The 300-tonne crane assisted in tilting the columns from horizontal to vertical position and transport to below the crane hook was carried out with SPMTs.




It all resulted in an ingenious teamwork which ran very smoothly thanks to excellent preparation. Both the client and the manufacturer of the columns expressed their appreciation of the craftsmanship and pleasure the transport and lifting team showed in performing the job. And that is exactly what Wagenborg Nedlift is all about!

Watch the project pictures and drone movie here!

Footage: Twence

"This fine piece of teamwork is, both literally and figuratively, a milestone in the construction of Twence's large-scale CO2 capture plant."

Ilse Jansink, Twence

About Twence

Together towards a sustainable region. That is what Twence stands for. Twence extracts as much raw materials and energy as possible from waste, biomass and the sun. With progressive technology and pioneering projects, Twence contributes to the developments that our world needs.

CO2 capture project

More information on Twence's large-scale CO2 capture project can be found at the link below.

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