Manoeuvring with mixer unit
03 June 2021

Manoeuvring with mixer unit

There is nothing to see on the outside, but inside the composting plant at Twence it is bustling with activity. There, the construction of a brand-new composting line is in full swing. Due to the increasing supply of green waste, Twence is expanding its composting capacity significantly. The new plant will also replace the composting line that was destroyed by a fire in 2019.

Multidisciplinary team

The new composting plant is assembled by module by the waste processing technology specialists from Banzo Engineering in Hoogeveen. The Wagenborg Nedlift team was responsible for the installation of the modules. Quite a challenge, as the components had to be placed between the existing steel constructions inside the composting building. The lifting height inside the building was limited, as was the available installation space for cranes!


This made Wagenborg Nedlift decide to work with a multidisciplinary team: lifting specialists with tonnes of practical experience worked closely together with engineers who calculated and assessed the feasibility and safety of the proposed lifting solutions.

Careful manoeuvring

All this resulted in a thorough implementation plan for the installation of the largest modules of the composting plant, including a mixer unit weighing over 14 tonnes and 13.7 metres in length.


Two of Wagenborg Nedlifts' knuckle boom cranes, a 165 tm crane and a 92 tm crane, were erected between the steel constructions inside the building and precisely stabilised under the structure. The mixer unit was attached at six lifting points using hoisting beams and outriggers.


The operators of both cranes then carefully manoeuvred the unit up to the steel structure. A fine example of precision work in vertical transport!

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