Maintenance and extension at Delamine Delfzijl
28 October 2022

Maintenance and extension at Delamine Delfzijl

Delamine Delfzijl's production facility recently underwent a maintenance overhaul that included a substantial extension of production capacity at the same time.


Four mobile cranes were used for the usual maintenance work on the existing plant. At the same time, construction was busy on an extension project: the HAM project. This required the installation of a new distillation column. A real challenge for Wagenborg Nedlift's lifting experts, who have been working at Chemiepark Delfzijl for years.

Good preparation...

Placing a distillation column weighing 16.8 tonnes, 3,500 mm in diameter and 14,500 mm long in an installation requires preparation, which was the starting point for Wagenborg Nedlift project managers and engineers. They drew up a thorough execution plan in cooperation with all contractors involved. The lifting operation of the new column was worked out in a precise step-by-step plan by the engineers.


This involved the deployment of a 200-tonne class mobile crane. Due to availability reasons, the final lifting operation was carried out with a 500-tonne mobile crane.

Skilled manoeuvring

To move the new column from horizontal to vertical position, a second crane was deployed.


After the column was brought into vertical position, it was the turn of the operator of the 500-tonne crane to skillfully manoeuvre the distillation column into the newly built plant.



Excellent workmanship and teamwork from all involved!

Watch the project pictures here!


Delamine is a joint venture between Dutch-based Nouryon and Japanese Tosoh Corporation. This joint venture produces ethyleneamines at its own production plant in Delfzijl (NL). These semiproducts serve as raw materials for numerous products in a variety of markets. The production facility in Delfzijl has been in operation since 1978.

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