Hoisting drying tower T8 Friesland Campina
21 November 2019

Hoisting drying tower T8 Friesland Campina

At Friesland Campina in Borculo, we are currently working intensively on the replacement of the T8 drying tower. This tower was used to dry milk powder. But how do you replace a 25-metre-high tower with a diameter of 10 metres, weighing 30 tonnes? Wagenborg Nedlift offered the ideal solution to make room for the new drying tower.

Using a 700-tonne mobile crane with luffing jib and guying jib, the tower was lifted from its foundation. In the air, the tower was taken over by a 500-tonne mobile crane (also fitted with a luffing jib) with the aid of a lifting beam. Together with an 80-tonne mobile crane, the tower was lifted and positioned on the lay-down. Ready to be scrapped. An impressive piece of craftsmanship!  

Click here for a time lapse of this project.

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