Heavy transport and more in Zandvliet
18 June 2021

Heavy transport and more in Zandvliet

For some time now, the high-voltage power network around Antwerp has been undergoing a major enhancement and upgrading project. Elia, the network operator, is constructing various new connections, which means that the high-voltage substations also have to be adapted and expanded.

Transformers of 400 tons

A little while ago, two approximately 400-ton transformers were transported from Germany to the Zandvliet transformer station, located in the Antwerp harbour area. Wagenborg Nedlift took care of the entire transport, from picking the transformers up at the factory in Bad Honnef to placing them on top of the foundation in Zandvliet.

Co-ordination of work processes

But that’s not the end of the project – it still takes quite some time to disassemble the transformers, a job in which Wagenborg Nedlift is closely involved. The Nedlift team is coordinating the work processes, acting as the official permit holder and carrying out hoisting and assembly operations.

This proves yet again that the Wagenborg Nedlift teams are always ready – no matter the size of the job!

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