Gantry crane moves to Harlingen (NL)
21 June 2019

Gantry crane moves to Harlingen (NL)

In the next years, the Afsluitdijk reinforcement project will be executed. The dike will be heightened and at Waddensea-side be given a new top layer.


Construction consortium Levvel (BAM, Van Oord and Rebel) will place innovative, specially designed, concrete blocks, so-called Levvel-blocs. These blocks of 6.5 thousend kilograms each will break the waves in case of a storm and they are designed to preserve the spectacular simplicity that gives the dike its unique character. 

Gantry crane from Cologne (DE)

At a dedicated production yard in Harlingen, about 100 Levvel-blocs a day will be produced on behalf of the Afsluitdijk project. Handling of the blocks will be done by a 130 meters long gantry crane. However, the intended gantry crane appeared to be located in Cologne, Germany. Moving this giant to Harlingen was a project in itself.  

Disassembly in Cologne

Already in October 2018, Wagenborg Nedlift’s crew was present in Cologne for the disassembly of the gantry crane, using big mobile cranes. After that, the beams, legs and other parts of the gantry crane were transported to the nearest quayside with special heavy transport trailers, where the inland vessel for Harlingen already waited. Upon arrival in Harlingen, Wagenborg Nedlift’s 700 tons mobile crane was positioned on the quayside to offload the gantry crane parts onto dolly combination. The gantry crane parts were put in temporary storage.  

Green light

n May 2019, final stage of the project could start: Wagenborg Nedlift’s crew got green light to assemble the gantry crane at the fabrication yard. A 400 tons mobile crane, a 700 tons mobile crane and several other cranes were positioned to get the job done.  


75.000 Levvel-blocs

No less than 75.000 (!) Levvel-blocs will be handled by the gantry crane in the coming years.   


More information on the Afsluitdijk reinforcement project: 


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