Facilities for new baby food factory installed
13 December 2018

Facilities for new baby food factory installed

In the small town of Haps in the provence of Brabant, The Netherlands, an ultramodern facility for the production of baby food is being built to meet the rapidly growing and worldwide demand for specialised baby food. The new factory is equipped with the latest technologies, which allows very energy-efficient production.

Wagenborg Nedlift's job is to install the specialist processing facilities properly and safely in the factory. Not an easy task, given the large volume of process equipment, the complexity of the building and the special dimensions and shapes of the parts to be hoisted. Proper preparation is half the battle, which is why Wagenborg Nedlift specialists were involved in the project at an early stage. Implementation plans, hoisting drawings and safety analyses of the hoisting and assembly activities were drawn up in close consultation with the parties involved, after which the actual hoisting and assembly activities could begin. In a number of phases a total of about 200(!) parts were installed in the factory using mobile cranes and other hoisting and transport techniques. Several challenging hoisting operations through the roof were carried out, including lifting conical shaped items using a 700-tonne mobile crane with luffing jib. And heaters weighing up to 40 tonnes were brought in via the wall at a height of 26 metres using hydraulic lifting gantries, jacking systems, transport rollers and a hovercraft air cushion system. 


The work was carried out safely and on schedule in close collaboration with all parties involved on site. The result: both our customer's and their client's appreciation. A fine example of craftsmanship! 



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