Combi-lift for combi-bridge in Essen
07 July 2022

Combi-lift for combi-bridge in Essen

Recently, a new bridge has been installed over the Emscher to the Emscherinsel in Essen-Karnap (Germany). And not just any bridge: besides being a bicycle and pedestrian bridge, it is also a pipe bridge. A handy combi-bridge! Wagenborg Nedlift's bridge specialists came on site for the installation.

70 metre long

On both banks of the Emscher, the bridge team set up a mobile crane to lift the bridge sections of the approx. 70 metres long new combi-bridge.


On the Emscherinsel side, a 300 tonne crane was ready to install the the south side bridge section.

Limited space

The biggest challenge laid on the north side, with very limited space to set up the required 500-tonne crane. Moreover, there was a high-voltage connection nearby that called for caution. In consultation with the grid operator and the client, this installation location was approved.


All in all, challenging conditions to set up the 500 tonne crane with 180 tonnes of counterweight and 48 metres of luffing jib and to safely execute the lifting operations.


Using SPMTs, the bridges were transported and lifted by the cranes on both banks. The 500 tonne crane was then responsible for placing the middle sections, assisted by the 300 tonne crane with its work platform.

Thanks to the careful preparation of the bridge team and the excellent cooperation and communication with all parties involved, the execution went smoothly and to the client's satisfaction!

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