'Building' a sustainable future with Wagenborg Nedlift
16 January 2020

'Building' a sustainable future with Wagenborg Nedlift

The Netherlands is number one when it comes to nitrogen emissions in Europe. It is obvious that serious action is required to secure a 'sustainable future'. In part, the ball is in the court of the business communities, by coming up with innovative solutions to limit the level of emissions. Sustainability is also an important theme for Wagenborg. Wagenborg Nedlift would like to contribute ideas for our society and our customers. Therefore, it offers various (tower) cranes that use electricity as a power source. 'Building' a sustainable future with Wagenborg Nedlift!

The construction sector is also affected

This spring, the Council of State confirmed that the PAS (Nitrogen Action Programme) is in conflict with European legislation and regulations. As a result, permits may no longer be issued on the basis of the PAS, which means that 18,000 new projects are at a standstill. Because a large part of the nitrogen deposition (no less than 46%) originates from the agricultural sector, this sector is seriously affected by this decision. However, it's not just the agricultural sector. A large number of construction projects are also affected by this decision. For example, the 'reinforcement of the Afsluitdijk' project, but also various housing projects.

Mobiele torenkranen van Wagenborg Nedlift ook elektrisch in te zetten

Wagenborg Nedlift mobile tower cranes can also be electrically operated

Wagenborg Nedlift likes to contribute ideas when it comes to this issue and proactively seeks solutions to reduce emissions from (construction) projects and consequently also to reduce its own CO2 footprint as a company. Wagenborg Nedlift has a very modern fleet. Various cranes are equipped with the latest and cleanest diesel engines. In addition, Wagenborg Nedlift has a number of Liebherr mobile tower cranes, the upper engine of which can run on electrical power (3 phase power). This makes it possible, after the crane has been stabilised and set up on location, to operate the crane fully electrically.

This considerably reduces the CO2 emission of the lifting work. The undercarriages of these cranes are equipped with Adblue diesel technology engines, in order to also reduce the emissions when bringing and removing the cranes to and from the site, as much as possible.

Towards the future

Of course, as a country we still have a long way to go towards a sustainable future. Still, Wagenborg Nedlift as a company is working hard to do its part. In addition to electrically-operated mobile tower cranes Wagenborg Nedlift has, for example, electric compact cranes, ideal for carrying out work in tight locations or even indoors. In addition, we recently placed an order for another new electric compact crane, four electric forklift trucks and three heavy-duty truck cranes with electrically-operated cranes (of which the chassis is equipped with a clean euro 6 engine).

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