Big achievements with mini-cranes
09 April 2021

Big achievements with mini-cranes

A recent project in Löningen, Germany proved once again that the Wagenborg Nedlift assembly specialists are making optimal use of the potential that mini-cranes offer.

Limited room

A soft drinks manufacturer in that town was expanding production capacity, which required three new tanks to be installed in the processing facility, where there was very limited room to manoeuvre. That’s why the company handling the installation for the expansion project decided to engage the Wagenborg Nedlift specialists for the job.

Small powerhouse

After the team made a detailed analysis of the situation on site, they began developing a strategy to meet the challenge. The tanks were transported into the processing facility in a horizontal position using small roller vehicles. Wagenborg Nedlift’s strongest compact crane, the Hoeflon C30, was waiting there.


The C30 carefully lifted the tanks into a vertical position and placed them on the foundation. With just 10 centimetres between the top of the crane and the roof of the building, this was a task that demanded some very high precision on the part of the operator!

The client was more than satisfied with the approach and the execution. He knows who to contact for the next project – and the Wagenborg Nedlift assembly specialists will be ready!

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