ABIT tool: by road and water
22 July 2021

ABIT tool: by road and water

For many years now, Wagenborg Nedlift has had the pleasure of carrying out a wide range of projects for the Genemuiden-based company Breman Machinery B.V., each project more unique than the last. This time round, Wagenborg was tasked with weighing and lifting what is known as an ABIT tool, and transporting it by land and water.

ABIT-tool: ATP and Boatlanding Installation Tool

‘An ABIT-tool is used in the offshore wind industry to safely install a Boat Landing and an Airtight Platform,’ explains Harald van Dieren, Project Manager at Breman Machinery B.V. ‘The tool is going to be used at a wind farm in the North Sea, where a total of 140 monopiles are to be set up in 2021 and 2022.’

Service from A to Z

Wagenborg Nedlift was engaged to weigh the ABIT tool prior to transport and to determine its centre of gravity. Wagenborg also handled the local transport, conveying the tool from the assembly hall to the industrial wharf in Genemuiden using SPMTs, then lifting it and placing it on board a barge. The latter task was accomplished using two 500-ton mobile cranes.


Wagenborg then shipped the tool by water to the dock at the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam. Due to the impressive height of the tool (measuring no less than 19.5 metres), the ‘Standing Mast Route’ was chosen,  which meant going right through Amsterdam.


In short: an impressive transport and yet another successful collaboration between Wagenborg Nedlift and Breman Machinery B.V.




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