A first in jacking technology for Wagenborg Nedlift!
07 May 2021

A first in jacking technology for Wagenborg Nedlift!

The paint on the freshly operational 2400-tonne computer-controlled jacking system is not yet dry and Wagenborg Nedlift is already presenting a new first in the field of jacking technology!

Cube Jack System

This week it was announced that Wagenborg Nedlift will be the first jacking specialist in the Netherlands to utilise the new Enerpac Cube Jack System. The Cube Jack System utilises jack components instead of beams.


Unlike with a conventional jacking operation, the Cube Jack System operates from the bottom up. There is no need to work at height during a jacking operation, so workers are able to remain safely on the ground.

Safety and stability

The new system also does away with the bothersome task of moving heavy beams and girders around – the Cube Jack System uses standard components that can be inserted into the jack set with ease. These components are firmly secured during the jacking process, providing major advantages in terms of safety and stability.

The jacking specialists at Wagenborg Nedlift will use the new Cube Jack System for loads of up to 400 tonnes.

This will make the process not only safer and more ergonomic but also more efficient when jacking transformers, reactor vessels, bridges and much more!

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