Well thought out solution for unique circular construction project SUPERLOCAL

Well thought out solution for unique circular construction project SUPERLOCAL

SUPERLOCAL is an innovative real estate project in Kerkrade-Oost, which is located in the southern part of the Netherlands. Three high-rise buildings are transformed to approx. 125 new and modern houses in a sustainable way. The projects’ ambition is to use as much materials as possible from the high-rise buildings for the construction of the new houses

First phase: construction of expo-building

June 2017, disassembly and demolition of one of the old high-rise buildings commenced. The demolished materials were used to construct an exposition building as a pilot project, closely situated to the old buildings. The framework of the expo-building consists of three concrete units, coming from the upper level of the old high-rise building. Each unit has a weight of approx.. 40 tons and consists of two concrete walls, a concrete roof section and a concrete floor.


Wagenborg Nedlift received the order to lift the three 40 tons concrete units from the apartment block, to transport them to the expo building site and lift them onto their new foundations there.

Lifting frame challenge

The biggest technical challenge appeared to design a feasible lifting device for lifting the concrete units. Upon study of our engineers, it appeared that regular lifting materials were not suitable for this delicate job. So, the engineers of Wagenborg Engineering were called in to work out a solution. 


Specialists from the construction company, demolition company and Wagenborg Nedlift sat together to set up a list of requirements for the lifting device:

  • The lifting device has to support the concrete walls as much as possible

  • Due to the bad condition of the concrete, no bending is allowed in the concrete floorparts

  • The support beams must be sufficiently bending resistant to prevent undesired forces on the concrete units

  • Eventual holes in the concrete should not exceed 50 mm, in order to save reinforcement as much as possible 

Unique design

The final design of the lifting device consists of specially designed support beams with upper plate to support the units and prevent bending of the floor. At four locations, holes of 50 mm were made for the Dywidag screw studs .These screw studs were connected to the support beams. At the upper side, the Dywidags were connected to the especially by Wagenborg Nedlift designed lifting anchors. With short grommets, the lifting anchors were connected to regular lifting beams.  


After the design for the hoisting frame was approved, the engineers from Wagenborg Engineering took over control of the manufacturing and testing of the hoisting frame. This was followed by the ultimate test: the lifting of the concrete units in Kerkrade.

Watch the project movie on Superlocal!

Construction of houses

After finishing construction on the expo building, construction works on the houses started in 2019, for which a number of units from the old high-rise buildings were hoisted again, using the special hoisting construction.


SUPERLOCAL - unique circular construction project

SUPERLOCAL is a unique construction development, because materials and techniques are reused for the construction of new homes. This is new in the Netherlands. SUPERLOCAL is a key project of IBA Parkstad, an initiative that (again) puts the Parkstad region on the map by boosting the economy and society. The project is in line with the IBA theme "Recycle City" and offers initiators HEEMwonen and the municipality of Kerkrade the opportunity to assign an even higher ambition to the project.



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