Wagenborg Engineering - The knowledge centre in the field of smart engineering solutions

Wagenborg Engineering - The knowledge centre in the field of smart engineering solutions

Wagenborg Engineering is the perfect place for smart engineering solutions within the heavy transport and lifting industry. But what exactly does Wagenborg Engineering offer its customers and what makes Wagenborg Engineering so strong? We had a conversation with Thijs Nieuwenhuis, Head of Engineering at Wagenborg Engineering.

The more complex, the more interesting we become

"Wagenborg Engineering invests both in well-trained engineers and hardware and software, which allows it to offer and implement its engineering services at a distinctive level. Consider for instance both drawings and calculations", says Thijs Nieuwenhuis. "The more complex the subject matter, the more interesting we become for our customers. Always the right solution, that's what we stand for”.

But what makes Wagenborg Engineering unique?

"Surely it is the special combination of practical experience and specialist expertise. That is unique in our world. In addition, our engineers have sound knowledge of the market and recent market developments, which is also a plus", explains Thijs. "This includes, among other things, familiarity with globally recognised norms and standards".

Thijs Nieuwenhuis - Hoofd Engineering Wagenborg Nedlift
Thijs Nieuwenhuis - Hoofd Engineering Wagenborg Nedlift

What kind of issues are brought to the attention of Wagenborg Engineering by the clients?

"That's very diverse. It mainly concerns lifting and transport engineering issues in the broadest sense of the word, for which we offer total solutions. In other words, A to Z solutions. Particularly where our client really cannot come up with a solution and needs a solid party that analyses the comprehensive issue and offers an overarching solution, that's where we enter the picture. The result can be a specially tailored lifting or transport construction, but also a route survey or a feasibility study. We do not offer standard solutions, only tailored solutions. Every customer's question is different and challenging in its own way."

What does the cooperation between the customer and the engineers look like?

"In short, direct and personal. We always sit down with our customer to discuss the problem in detail and to concretise it. This way, we ultimately find the most suitable solution. We have pleasant one-on-one contact with all our customers. After all, this is the basis of working together. And trust. Both in us as engineers and in the solutions we offer. That is an important added value for our customers to choose Wagenborg Engineering."

What makes working at Wagenborg Engineering so interesting to you?

"I find the great variety in the various projects interesting. And I really enjoy seeing projects you conceive in theory being carried out in practice. Personally, I find it the greatest challenge to be able to offer a solution for an issue that seems impossible in the eyes of the customers. Taking the problem completely out of their hands and solving it. That appeals to me the most in my job".


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What can Wagenborg Engineering do for you?

    • Carrying out route surveys and feasibility studies
    • Drawing up lifting and transport plans, plans for alternative relocation techniques (such as jacking and sledging) and rigging plans
    • Designing lifting and transport constructions
    • Lifting and transport engineering for maintenance and contingency plans
    • Designing lashing and securing plans
    • Visualisation of transport and lifting operations (3D animations and rendering)

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