Unusual bridge transport

Unusual bridge transport

The bridge deck of the bridge in Gramsbergen (Overijssel, the Netherlands) crossing the Almelo-De Haandrik canal had to be replaced due to the poor condition of the old wooden bridge deck. The new bridge deck was made of steel to guarantee a long lifespan.

Brain racking

The specifications of the steel deck (10 metres long, 12 metres wide and weighing 38 tonnes) proved to be a serious challenge for transport to its final destination. Construction of the deck in 2 sections was not an option, thus ruling out road transport.

The only way to transport the bridge deck in one piece was via the canal, where several narrow passages would obstruct the transport of the deck. For example, on the route there were 5 fixed bridges with a height limit of 6.25 metres and 11 drawbridges, the narrowest of which was less than 8 metres wide. Moreover, the draught of the canal was only 2.5 metres, ruling out the option of using an inland vessel.

Food for thought for the transport specialists of Wagenborg Nedlift!


A bright idea

The project managers and engineers of Wagenborg Nedlift came up with a brilliant solution. A narrow pontoon in combination with a flexible gantry system to adjust the position of the bridge deck during water transport where necessary. This allowed for the bridge deck to be transported in upright position to pass through the narrow drawbridges and corridors. To pass the fixed bridges with limited height, the gantry system was able to lower the bridge deck into a more horizontal position.

Safe and efficient

This solution ensured that the bridge deck was successfully transported to Gramsbergen. Upon arrival, two mobile cranes installed the deck onto the new foundation.

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