Podiumbrücke Bocholt - bridge from the past to the future

Podiumbrücke Bocholt - bridge from the past to the future

In October 2018, Wagenborg Nedlift carried out an impressive operation in Bocholt (Germany): transport, positioning and foundation setting of the 47-metre-long Podiumbrücke (Podium Bridge). Wagenborg Nedlift combined many different disciplines and skills to successfully and safely install this bridge from the past to the future.

Step 1 - Placing SPMTs under the bridge

The 210-tonne bridge was assembled at the assembly site, close to its final location. Then the men of Wagenborg Nedlift jacked up the bridge 1.5 metres. Next, the SPMTs with 2 x 6 axle lines, fitted with modular support beams, were positioned under the bridge.

Step 2 - SPMT transport

Once placed onto the SPMTs, transport to the river bank could start. The position of the SPMTs under the bridge was accurately calculated in advance by the engineers of Wagenborg Engineering.




Step 3 - Balanced interaction

Meanwhile two 500-tonne mobile cranes had been positioned on the other side of the water. On the side where the bridge was mounted two 400-tonne mobile cranes were set up.

Then the beautiful interaction started between 2 x 500-tonne mobile cranes on the one hand and the SPMTs on the other hand. The two 500-tonne cranes together kept one side of the bridge in position from the other side of the water, while the SPMTs manoeuvred the bridge (by shuttling alternately) further and further to and across the water.

Once far enough, 2 x 400-tonne mobile cranes took over from the SPMTs and the bridge could be positioned on the abutments with the help of a total of 4 mobile cranes.

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Biggest challenges

The Podiumbrücke project presented particular challenges, which were successfully completed through proper preparation and engineering by the Wagenborg Nedlift specialists: 

  • the interaction between the SPMTs and the two 500-tonne mobile cranes on the opposite side required optimal preparation, concentration and communication

  • after the two 400-tonne cranes took over the bridge from the SPMTs, the bridge was hoisted onto the foundation by four cranes simultaneously. A masterpiece of communication and coordination!

The Kubaai programme in Bocholt

The Kubaai programme is an urban regeneration project in Bocholt as part of which a bridge is built between the past and the future. Old industrial areas will be redeveloped and connected to the city. The Podiumbrücke is an important link and also designed for performing arts. 


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