Inching and pinching: Trogbrücke Emden

Inching and pinching: Trogbrücke Emden

The new Trogbrücke in Emden replaces an old railway bridge which is not meeting modern railway traffic standards anymore. The new railway bridge is 8.80 meters wide (2.60 meters wider than the previous bridge) and gives access to modern railwagons with larger cargo dimensions. The new 550 tons weighing railway bridge has had a construction period of only 6 months.

Wagenborg Nedlift accepted the challenge to position the new railway bridge. The old concrete bridge had been demolished in the week before, so the new bridge could be installed at the same spot. The final position of the new bridge was above the abutments and there was a great lack of maneuvering space at the construction site. A fine challenge for the Wagenborg Nedlift crew!

Phased project execution

Wagenborg Nedlift’s specialists developed a phased solution for the project:

  • Phase 0: Loading the bridge by using SPMT-hydraulics

  • Phase 1: Transport of the bridge up to abutments

  • Phase 2: Positioning of the front part of the bridge on temporary supports

  • Phase 3: Relocation of two SPMT sets of 12-axlelines from front part to lower level working area, where support-towers have been positioned on top of the trailers in order to compensate the height difference.

  • Phase 4: Transport of the back part up to abutments and positioning it onto temporary supports.

  • Phase 5: Relocation of SPMT double 4-spacer-4 set from back part to lower level working area. Positioning of support towers onto the trailers and lifting the bridge construction by SPMT hydraulics.

  • Phase 6: Transporting the bridge up to above foundations onto jacking positions on the abutment foundations.

  • Phase 7: Jacking down the bridge onto final position.

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Timelapse movie transport Trogbrücke Emden

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