Erik and Kevin: 'We understand each other and half a word is enough'

Erik and Kevin: 'We understand each other and half a word is enough'

Erik Reilman and Kevin Medendorp are working together for a while now at the preparation and management of all kinds of lifting projects. How that works out in daily practice? The duo gives an insight.


.... started his career 5 years ago as an intern in the workshop and then transferred to the office via the rigging department. First as a Project Manager Cranes and nowadays as a Project Manager at the Projects Department.


.... started back in 1989 as a assembly worker and truck driver. After that, he worked as a crane operator for many years, until the moment he was asked tot make a transfer to an office job. At first, this seemed not suitable for him, but after a trial period he decided to go for it. 

Challenging projects

Kevin: 'I started at Erik’s office. He gave me some small jobs first. A single crane here or there. Then I thought: ‘if this is it...’, but soon I got beautiful projects. Projects that had to be finished very quickly, complicated projects where you really have to think carefully about how to get it done. Consider, for example, the conversion of the ship Yed Prior. Which item should be hoisted? Which cranes do you need for these liftings? How do you arrange the set up of these cranes? Erik really taught me a lot.'


Erik continues: 'I quickly noticed that Kevin should have enough challenge at work. In the beginning, we managed the complicated projects together and even though we are now in different departments, we still consult regularly. We have a fine connection, it’s a bit like a marriage. We even have our fights...'


Kevin: 'Well, a marriage… but we do quarrel sometimes, that’s right. If we don’t agree, I always say, ‘If you don’t want to listen, let’s do it your way and we’ll see what happens.’



Erik: 'I like a rebuttal, although I’m usually right of course. But I have to admit that sometimes things can be done right in two different ways.


We both enjoy tackling a project from start to finish: from estimating, arranging permits, preparing the project execution, to invoicing. We never look at the clock. It’s our job, but most of all we just like it.'


Kevin: 'In the beginning I found it difficult to set up estimations and submit an offer to the customer. It often involves a lot of money. I learned from Erik that a good solution can cost money, as long as you provide a good explanation. It is very important to listen carefully to what your customer really wants, so you can offer the solution your client is looking for.


I have also learned that a fine relationship with your colleagues is important. When the day is over and another truck comes in that has to be unloaded, we just help. In return, they will help you out if necessary.'

Half a word

Erik: 'Kevin in return helps me to put things into perspective. I rather tend to think black and white and I’m more emotionally involved in things. Kevin has a bit more nuance and accepts things more easily. What I hope to pass on to him is to find the balance between challenges and stress. Saying no is also an option.'


Together they conclude: 'We understand each other and only need half a word, it's nice to have each other!'

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